At the Society of Professional Journalists Hawaii Chapter’s 2017 Excellence in Journalism Awards, I won first place in the Breaking News Reporting category for my news coverage on the Hawaii v. Trump case. I was the only reporter sharing information live from the courthouse in Honolulu, and I worked with DC-based reporters to get our coverage up asap. In a follow-up story, I reported on death threats sent to the judge.

“Nice job on the handling the story that is so complex,” a SPJ judge wrote in the comments for the award.

I was a finalist in Online News Reporting for my coverage of Mark Zuckerberg’s multimillion dollar property on Kauai and the legal battle he had instigated to acquire more land. My first story on this topic had almost 200,000 views.

I was also a finalist in 2017 in the Headlines category for writing innovative and exciting headlines meant to capture the reader’s attention and give an clear description of the story’s essence. 

At the the Society of Professional Journalists Hawaii Chapter’s 2016 Excellence in Journalism Awards, I was awarded Best Reporting Using Social Media for my story on Disney pulling a Moana costume after people were angered over it using "brownface."