Enterprise Reporting

Hawaiian Protesters Started A School On Mauna Kea To Teach Local Culture To The Next Generation (NBC News, 2019)

After A Year Without Tourists, Kauai’s Rugged Coast Reopens (NBC News, 2019)

‘It’s a Travesty’: Mark Zuckerberg Gets What He Wants in Hawaii Land Grab (Gizmodo, 2019)

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Here’s What Happens To Your Property After Lava Covers It (BuzzFeed News, 2018)

Micronesians Continue To Seek Justice On The 60th Anniversary Of The Castle Bravo Nuclear Test (BuzzFeed News, 2014)

News Reporting

'A new Hawaiian Renaissance': how a telescope protest became a movement (The Guardian, 2019)

Dozens Arrested As Hawaiians Protest $1.4bn Telescope On Sacred Mountain (The Guardian, 2019)

A Rescue Mission Is Underway To Save Pets On Hawaii’s Big Island Lost Since The Volcano Eruption (BuzzFeed News, 2018)

Japanese Prime Minister Is Brought To "Utter Silence" During Historic Visit To Pearl Harbor (BuzzFeed News, 2016)

A Major Hurricane Is Bearing Down On Hawaii And Many Residents Have Nowhere To Go (BuzzFeed News, 2018)

Lesbian Couple Says They Were Arrested For Kissing In Grocery Store (BuzzFeed News, 2015)

Government & Politics Reporting

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Trying To Bring The Democratic Socialist Movement To Hawaii (BuzzFeed News, 2018)

Employees At The Hawaii Agency That Sent The False Missile Alert Slept On The Job (BuzzFeed News, 2018)

A Federal Judge Keeps Trump’s Travel And Refugee Ban On Hold Indefinitely (BuzzFeed News, 2017)

Hawaii Cheers For Tulsi Gabbard, Despite Blowback Over Her Views On Syria (BuzzFeed News, 2017)

Honolulu Just Passed A Law Banning People From Texting While Crossing The Street (BuzzFeed News, 2017)

Science & Environment Reporting

Scientists Discovered An Island No Longer Exists After A Hurricane Wiped It Out (BuzzFeed News, 2018)

This Sunscreen Chemical Is Harming The Ocean’s Coral Reefs (BuzzFeed News, 2015)

Obama Designates World’s Largest Marine Preserve In Hawaii (BuzzFeed News, 2016)

Scientists Say Hawaii’s Endangered Seals Are Being Killed By Cat Poop (BuzzFeed News, 2016)

Arts & Culture Reporting

A Longtime Hawaiian Activist Defends “Aloha” Amid Race-Based Backlash (BuzzFeed News, 2015)

Disney Pulls Costume After People Angered Over Brownface (BuzzFeed News, 2016)

A Brief History Of Sexual Identity In Hawaii: In Hawaii both sides of the marriage equality debate defend their message with Native Hawaiian words or expressions. How can this be? (BuzzFeed News, 2013)